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Free Tax Filing

Everyone has a right to free tax filing. Income limits apply at the below services.

My service fees are always negotiable.

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Upcoming Workshops

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Financial Advisor Sam Strum

Sam is a trusted Financial Advisor who works specifically with entertainment professionals. Don't invest alone.

E-mail him.


Long-time friends of Artist Tax Prep, Artists' Strategy offers coaching services, strategies, and tools for actors looking to build sustainable careers through tested business principles.

Find creative freedom!


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with me, Farrell Parker, Artist Tax Prep owner and Tax Preparer

What’s the difference between a deduction, a tax credit, and a business expense? Am I a Qualified Performing Artist? Can I really write that off? How do I avoid a surprise tax bill as a self-employed person? I’ll answer these questions (and more) in upcoming workshops.

Coming soon!

Check instagram for updates.

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