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Why Artist Tax Prep?

At Artist Tax Prep, we love doing taxes. No, really. 


And we’d love to do yours. 


Artist Tax Prep’s mission is to eliminate the panic and shame that many experience as part of the annual income tax filing process, by way of affordable, sustainable tax preparation services. Founded in DC by a self-employed artist, Artist Tax Prep is particularly positioned to serve independent artists and others striving, surviving, and thriving in the gig economy. 


Tax law isn’t written for artists and most accountants aren’t trained to help them. That’s where we come in.

Whose taxes do you do?

We can prepare taxes for people who file a personal income tax return in the United States.


The majority of Artist Tax Prep clients have multiple sources of income: a mix of 1099s, W-2s, and ‘other’ income. If you aren’t an artist, we’d still love to work with you! 


Currently we work with: all kinds of theater practitioners, tutors, teachers, yoga instructors, choreographers, filmmakers, writers, musicians, dog walkers, actors, visual artists, dancers, sex workers, nutritionists, Airbnb owners, social media managers, and technicians - among others! 


We can prepare taxes for Sole-Proprietors or Single Member LLCs, but our business tax services do not extend beyond that (see questions about business taxes below) and we do not include filing LLC paperwork that may be required by your state outside of the individual income tax return. 

Artist Tax Prep is not a full-service accounting firm and may not be immediately available outside of the annual tax filing season. We might not be for you if your income is very high or if you are managing multiple assets, portfolios, and/or properties. 

What will working with Artist Tax Prep be like?

Our sustainable business model means that Artist Tax Prep operates with a fully remote process. You'll sign up for a paperwork deadline, fill out an intake form, and securely upload your documents. A completed return will be sent for you to review and sign. We'll make sure you know your refund or tax owed amount (as well as how to pay) and include suggestions for reducing your end-of-year tax bill next time (if applicable). Everyone's tax situation is different, so we'll also communicate directly throughout the process, primarily by e-mail. 

We ask that clients respect their document deadline or sign up for a new one if they know they won't be able to stick to it. If you miss your deadline without scheduling a new one, we can't guarantee your taxes will be completed by tax filing day (April 15th). We also ask that clients respond to requests for additional information within 48 hours once they have submitted their initial documents.

In order to keep our prices low, we do not schedule face-to-face meetings with every client, though we are happy to hop on a brief introductory phone call. If you'd like to have a longer chat, you can schedule a zoom consultation by sending an e-mail to Zoom consultations are $50 for up to 50 minutes and are primarily for those new to self-employment, those looking to get newly organized with self-employment income & expense tracking, or for those with specific questions about their tax situation.

Do you prepare business taxes?

At this time, Artist Tax Prep services do not extend to business tax filings and we can’t prepare taxes for business structures beyond single-member LLCs and sole-proprietorships. If you are a member of a partnership and your partnership tax return is handled elsewhere (for example you receive a Sch K at the end of the year), we can still prepare your taxes. We do not automatically file LLC paperwork that may be required by your state if it is not included on the state’s individual income tax return.

How much does it cost?

At Artist Tax Prep, it is important to us that we remain affordable to artists at all stages of their careers, as well as to clients who find themselves in vulnerable situations: financial or otherwise. Our Tax Preparation service includes e-filing of federal and applicable state returns, typically at a rate of $200 - $400 (depending on your filing status - see below), due when the return is sent to review and sign. We never charge extra for self-employment income (Schedule C). Income in multiple states is included in the base rate (up to 5 states) and your fee may be higher if you lived in multiple states in one calendar year. Fees may be assessed for additional schedules (A and E, for example), though never without consent. Artist Tax Prep assesses additional fees for paper filing (occasionally necessary for certain state forms and schedules) to cover supplies and insurance. 


Artist Tax Prep rates are negotiable and available on a sliding scale. All we ask is that potential clients name their ability to pay before signing our Tax Preparation Agreement. At this time, there is no other application process for sliding scale or pro-bono services, though one may be instated on the basis of demand. Free tax preparation and filing is also available through IRS Free File, the IRS VITA program, and via (income limits apply). Everyone has a right to free tax filing.

2023 fee schedule. 



$250 single-filers*                        $200 single filers*

$375 married filers*                     $300 married filers*

+ $0 1st schedule c, +$20 additional schedule c

+ $0 income in multiple states (up to 5 states)

+ $20 income in each additional state beyond 5

+ $20 K-1 or state LLC paperwork^

+ $20 schedule a, e, or form 8949

+ $30 New York or California residents

+ $35 part-year resident in two different states

+ $35 individual paper form filing fee (if required)

+ $50 full paper filing processing fee (only in the event that you choose to deliver or mail your documents and not upload)

Amendments that must be filed due to client error/omission:

50% of the original tax preparation rate, plus paper filing fees

$50 - initial consultation (up to 50 minutes)

$50 - hourly rate (for research and additional consultations)

$35 - less-than-an-hour rate (for research and additional consultations)

​*income tax preparation and e-filing

^only available with senior preparer

How can I feel safe with Artist Tax Prep?

Artist Tax Prep is made up of legally registered and insured, IRS-certified Tax Preparers. Artist Tax Prep does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, orientation, age, race, immigration status, ability, marital status, income, or occupation. Artist Tax Prep is required by the IRS to collect certain information from clients when preparing tax returns and protects taxpayer data in compliance with IRS standards. Only the legally required information is collected and reported to the IRS. Additionally, we at Artist Tax Prep want all clients to feel they are in a safe space working with us. What you don’t know about taxes is not your fault. No question is silly or too small for us to field.

You can find client testimonials on our main page and more information about tax preparer credentials here. 

Can you help me with other tax or money issues?

Artist Tax Prep is not a general consulting service, though may offer these services at will, outside of the Tax Preparation Agreement. Artist Tax Prep is built strictly as a Tax Preparation business - we do not offer accounting or tax/estate planning services. Artist Tax Prep is not a CPA or a lawyer and is not legally able to represent clients before the IRS or state tax agencies. Artist Tax Prep is not primarily a teaching or educational tool, though we are always looking for resources to make the tax filing process simpler and more accessible to artists and others with self-employment income. We hold occasional workshops, Q and A's, and info sessions for our clients and with select affiliates.

More info here. 

Do you prepare estimated taxes?

If you owe at least $1,000 when you file your taxes, you are required by the IRS to make quarterly estimated tax payments. Because this is simple to do online and does not actually require any additional paperwork, we do not offer quarterly tax filing services at Artist Tax Prep. When you receive your return from us, we will include the ‘actual tax rate,' i.e. the rate that you actually paid on your self-employment income for that tax year (different than overall tax bracket). This way, you can make simplified, informed estimates throughout the year based on our suggestions. Your actual tax rate relies on MANY factors and quarterly estimates will not 100% reflect your total end-of-year tax amount. For a simple explanation of estimated taxes, watch this video.

Please e-mail with additional questions. 

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